Nebraska Child Custody Relocation – Guide to Removal Cases

childcustodyrelocationIf you’re contemplating a move out of Nebraska with your child in the coming new year and you have a custody order in place, you’ll have to get the court’s permission beforehand. As the name of this article implies, these kinds of cases are called Nebraska child custody relocation, or removal cases.

Nebraska child custody relocation cases can be tricky. These are some basics to help make more clear how Nebraska child custody relocation cases work:



No temporary orders

Temporary orders allowing you to remove your child from the jurisdiction aren’t allowed in Nebraska. That’s why there’s a faster litigation process and final hearing than in a typical family law litigation case. A faster final hearing allows families to get on with their lives as quickly as possible.

Your contribution is key in your Nebraska child custody relocation case

Whether you’re the parent requesting the move, or the one opposing it, the more evidence your lawyer can show the court to support your position, the better your chances of winning. You play a key role in your lawyer’s ability to do that. You know your circumstances and your child best and can best help your lawyer understand the key elements that he or she will need to prove to the court.

It’s especially important that you communicate well with your attorney and work side by side with them during your Nebraska child custody relocation case. That will enable them to have all the key information about your situation and present it to the court.

Get a lawyer experienced in Nebraska child custody relocation onboard ASAP

Removal cases can be hard to win. It takes an experienced attorney to navigate the sometimes murky waters of Nebraska law when it comes to proving to the judge whether moving away from their other parent is truly in your child’s best interests.

Because things usually move quickly in removal cases and in the circumstances that typically surround the need for an out of state move, it’s important to get a lawyer experienced in Nebraska child custody relocation cases on board as soon as you find out an out of state move is on the horizon – whether you’re the parent moving, or the parent on the other side of the case.


This article should not be construed as legal advice. Situations are different and it’s impossible to provide legal advice for every situation without knowing the individual facts. 

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